Saturday, November 03, 2012

2012 Thankful November Day 3 - Double the Thanks Today

Thankful November Day 3

Today my thanks is two-fold.  When I started out the day and was thinking about what thanks I wanted to give on this third day of November my thoughts turned to the cake/cupcake baking and decorating skills I have learned over the years from my mother-in-law, Linda, and my grandmother-in-law, Rose, so I will talk about that first.

Today I baked and decorated cupcakes for my niece's 17th birthday tomorrow.  In doing so I realized how much I appreciate the skills I have learned from both my mother-in-law and my grandmother-in-law.  Both of whom have baked wedding and party cakes for years as a profession and generously shared their skills and knowledge with me.  In recent years I have grown to enjoy baking and decorating my own special cakes for family and friends.  I have also been able to put my skills to use on occasion to earn extra income by baking for others.  I have never taken a class professionally, and most of the skills I have learned have come from the two of them.

It has been fun to learn, see my skills develop with each new cake or cupcake I make, and I have had fun allowing my creativity to come out in the form of edible sweet treats.

Thanks Mom B. and Grandma Rosie for teaching me to be a baker and cake decorator!

My second thanks for the day is due to a not so wonderful event that happened tonight.

As I was coming home and turning in my driveway tonight my SUV took a dump.  I mean something is REALLY wrong with my car.  The engine almost died as I was turning in the driveway.  I'm not sure it is related to whatever happened with the engine, but at the same time something also went wonky with my heater and it was blowing about 90 degrees on the passenger side of my car (I have dual controls).   I quickly pulled in to the driveway and shut off the key.  After unloading my car I went back out to check under the hood.  Nothing looked wrong so I got in my car and decided to start it again.  It made some HORRIBLE popping sound and the car shook like crazy and felt like the whole bottom dropped out of it so I quickly shut off the engine again.  It scared the heck out of me!

My car is 8 years old.  It's been a good car, but I'm afraid whatever is wrong may be something major and not cheaply fixed. :(  Seriously, it sounded like it took its last breath.  Murphy and his laws are not funny!  We just paid off my car this summer and we were thankful for the reprieve in car payments.  So much for that!

While I am not happy that my car has gone belly up and may possibly be past the point of no return (I had a good cry after it happened, mostly because of the thought of being stranded at home with no transportation), I am VERY thankful that when it decided to bite the big one it did it just as I was getting home instead of leaving me stranded on the side of a road waiting on a tow truck in the dark while my hubby was at work.

So here's to baking skills and not being stranded!  Until tomorrow...

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