Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Thank You Card for Someone Special

I am really enjoying my time spent in my craft room recently.  Yesterday I spent a few hours in there making a Thank You card for a special relative who has been helping me with yard work while I am recovering from my surgery.  This special family member LOVES the color purple, so I hope that she will enjoy her special card when she receives it.

If she is reading this, she knows who she is.  I say publicly to her that I cannot thank you enough for helping to make my yard beautiful.  My illness has left me extremely tired for months and I have not had the energy or gumption to get out in my yard and keep it up the way I normally have in the past.  Greg commutes and works long hours.  He is so tired when he comes home after that long drive that he also has not had the energy to keep the yard up as we have done in the past.  Sometimes the lawn has gotten a bit too long, and/or the bushes have gone without trimming for too long, and I feel embarrassed that my yard is not pristine and beautiful.  I really appreciate your willingness to come to our home and help us out during this time.  Thank you for giving me a yard I can feel proud to call mine and one that I don't worry the neighbor's are talking about.  I love you!

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