Monday, August 23, 2010

Minute Monday - A Special Thank You to my Parents.

Note: This ended up being more than a minute post. ;-)  I figured out I had more to say than I first thought I did.  

Giving myself a goal to write in my blog daily comes with some pressure. LOL  

I've been sitting here trying to decide what I should or could blog about today.  I know this won't be anything that I think is so amazingly interesting that millions are going to flock to my blog, but what I have to say is important to me.

I have the most amazing, wonderful family!  My husband, my parents, and my extended family are awesome!  They truly are the best.  I am so thankful everyday for the love and support I am shown from my loved ones.  I always find myself wishing there was something more I could do to show each of them my love and appreciation for all that they do for me.  There are no words or actions that are enough to show them how I feel.

Today I am especially thankful for my parents.  

Last night the battery in my car died.  My husband had to come rescue me from the grocery store parking lot.  When we got home we discovered that the battery was totally DEAD and that we would need to purchase a new one.  These have been some tough times for us these past few years, so any extra unexpected spending really bites the budget.  Not having a car I can drive also bites, especially when I have places I need to be and my husband needs his vehicle to get to and from work.

To make what could be a long story short, I had to go today for some medical testing for my surgery this week.  Without my car working I had no way to get there.  I called my mom last night to see if she could transport me.  She, of course, said yes.  Today my mom called to tell me she was on her way over and that my dad was following her so he could go get me a new car battery.  While my mom took me to my appointment and to run a few errands my dad went to get a new battery for my car.  I offered to pay, but my mom and dad refused.  My wonderful parents purchased the battery.  Then tonight my husband came home from work and installed it this evening.  

I'm now able to drive again, at least for one more days until I can't drive for about two weeks.  :-(  I'm so thankful.  I hate having things that don't work, and I hate the thought of being stuck at home and not having the wheels to go someplace if I need to or want to do so.

My parents have been so much help to us these past couple of years, especially so the past several months.  I am so thankful for their love and generosity.  I hope and pray that some day in their lifetime I am able to repay them in a very special way for all of the help they have given me over the years.

Thanks mom and dad!  I love you both more than words could every properly express!

My Wonderful Parents

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