Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nov. 25, 2008 - Gratitude Post Challenge Day 24

I am thankful for being able to act as a mentor and a teacher to my niece today as we worked on some crafting projects just for fun.

Melanie is currently out of school for the time being due to some medical issues that cause her pain with activity. She has been out for a couple of months now, and was out almost all of last school year. Both my sister and BIL work during the day and her older brother is in school and then works after school, so Mel ends up spending a lot of time home alone.

I know she is bored at home and also missing hanging out with her friends. I told her she could come and hang out with me every now and then and we would do some crafting and other fun things together.

Like I mentioned in yesterday's blog, she was a big help to me yesterday as we baked for Thanksgiving. After I worked her buns off of her yesterday I wanted to make sure that today we just had a fun day together.

After an unexpected side trip to the aquarium store to test our salt water tank water after the tragic overnight death of our two 7 year old salt water fish (which is a whole other post), we were off to Michael's to buy some craft supplies.

With a little encouragement, Mel decided to pick out a letter M to alter. I also helped her pick out some scrap paper and ribbon.

We came home and got to work. With my guidance Mel worked on her M and I worked on a project I'm making for my SS Secret Santa.

I'm so proud of her. Sometimes my dear niece doesn't have much confidence in her abilities, and tonight she surprised herself and was proud of the way her altered M came out. I gave her very basic guidance, but she did most of the designing all on her own.

I think her M turned out awesome, especially for her first time altering.

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