Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Thankful November Day 12 - Sharing a Special Moment with Our Grandma Rosie

Thankful November Day 12

Today I am thankful to have been able to share a special moment with my husband's grandma.

Grandma comes from a large family.  When she was a teenager her brother Carl joined the military and left home to go fight in WWII.  Sadly, he was killed in the war and she never got to see him alive again.  Carl was brought back to the States and was buried in San Bruno, California at the Golden Gate National Cemetery.

Grandma has shared stories with Greg and I about her brother being killed in the war and she told us the last time she was at his graveside was at his funeral and burial in 1945.  She has often expressed a desire to go back and visit his grave and Greg and I have wanted to make that dream come true for her for some time now.  Several months back, on a whim when we were in San Francisco for the day and grandma was with us, we tried to go visit the cemetery much to her surprise, but we arrived after closing time.  We promised her we would take a trip back to the cemetery when it was open so she could visit her brother's grave.

Greg, my husband, decided since he had the day off from work that today, the day after Veterans Day, would be a great time to take her to see her brother's grave.

We picked up grandma this afternoon for her first trip to see where her brother was buried since her last visit 67 years ago.  One of her friends, a florist, had made her an absolutely beautiful arrangement to leave at her brother's graveside.

It was a touching, emotional and beautiful moment to share with grandma and I am so glad we were able to be there for her during this special occasion.  It was also so very humbling to look out at the rows upon rows of headstones and be reminded that these were all the graves of men and women who have fought for our country, many of whom laid down their lives during that fight to allow us our freedoms!

How can we ever express our thanks enough!

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