Thursday, October 06, 2011

Paper Crafting: Lil' Paper Pumpkins

I absolutely love Autumn.  It is without a doubt my favorite season.  I love everything about this time of the year: the sites; the sounds; the smells; the changing colors of the leaves on the trees; the fact that we are approaching the Christmas season, my other favorite time of year.  It seems like I awaken and become more energetic as cooler, crisp Autumn days approach.  Since August I have been pinning for cooler weather and the chance to have an excuse to put out some of my Autumn decorations.

This week I met with my little group of handmade card making friends for our monthly get-together.  Each month we have a theme and we each present and teach the others in the group how to make a card in that theme.  This month our theme was Fall or Holiday and we could make either a card or a little project that would take the same amount of time as a card.  Sometimes I am bad about waiting until the last minute to decide what I'm going to make and present to my group.  This month was no different, but I knew I had the desire to present something other than a card.  The night before card group I found myself search Google and Pinterest for project ideas.

NOTE: If you haven't heard of Pinterest check it out!  It's the most amazing little website filled with all kinds of cool, unique and beautiful things found on the Internet.  Basically you create your own virtual pin boards where you can pin the photos and links to all the cool ideas, awesome products, fabulous crafts, or delicious recipes you find on the big ol' web and keep them all easily in one place, plus you can  peak in on other people, follow them, and repin their great finds onto your boards.  Seriously, you will fall in love!

Anyway, back to my point.  In searching for ideas I came across this fabulous blog, Stamp-n-Design with Lynn Pratt and I came across the tutorial for these cute lil paper pumpkins.   They looked quick and easy to make and they are super cute so I decided to whip those up for my cardmaking group project.  In making mine i did end up using a few less strips of paper.  I chose to use 12 strips rather than the 16 that Lynn's tutorial suggested.  I tried it with the 16 first and it was just a bit too difficult for me to get my chubby little fingers between the layers to separate all of them.  I also decided to alter my paper design between a pattern and a solid and I added a Stampin' Up scallop circle to the top to hide the strips before tying the ribbon off.   Then I finished off by adhering two "leaves" punched from my Stampin' Up Blossom Petals Builder punch.

I absolutely loved how easy these were to make, and I can just imagine the possibilities using different patterns of paper and different lengths of paper.

I used mine as part of my Autumn mantel decor.  What do you think?

What season inspires you?  What do you love most about Autumn?  I would love to hear from you.

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