Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Stampin' - Altered Plastic Vegetable/Fruit Clam Shell Box

Recently on the scrapbook message board I frequent a member posted a link to a blog, Kerry's Paper Crafting Blog, with the idea for altering plastic clam shell fruit boxes to be used as gift containers.  

You know the type.  Often times you will find grapes, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, or other easily damaged fruit packaged in them at the grocery store.  We probably all currently have or have had them in our refrigerator at one time or another and ended up trashing them in the garbage can after they were empty.

I know I have trashed countless numbers of these plastic containers in the past.  Well, after seeing this altering idea I am going to be thinking twice before I throw away anymore plastic fruit boxes.

Recently, while at my father-in-law's birthday dinner, I saved a large cherry tomato clam shell box from ending up spending the rest of its life in the nearest landfill and brought it home so I could re-purpose it.  I had a lot of fun altering this little plastic container and I can't wait to fill it with goodies to send it off in the mail to a special secret Ghoulfriend soon.  

I present to you my altered Halloween themed clam shell fruit box:

I hand stamped all papers.  I used Terrifically Tacky Tape to attach papers and ribbon to the plastic box to insure that it would stay in place.  I used foam Pop Dots on the "Happy Halloween" sign to give it some dimension.  

P.S.  Please be sure to check out Kerry's blog above for a great video tutorial on how to make your very own altered container.

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Nadya 's World!!! said...

That looks awesome Cathy! What a great idea too..... using everything we got no need to go out and get things... :)