Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've been tagged by Nadya

Thanks Nadya for tagging me. Now I have a good excuse to blog. :-)

The rules are to find and post the 6th photo in the 6th album on your computer.

I have no idea what my 6th photo in my 6th album is, so this should be interesting. So let's see what my photo is...

Oh, this is a fun one. This photo was taken last March 2008 during the annual ScrapShare retreat that I host. Here is the story behind the photo:

Prior to our March retreat last year one of the girls on the board, I think it was Amsway, posted a thread saying something about not knowing that there were any cows in California. Many of us who live in California got a good laugh out of that thread because California is one of the biggest dairy/cow states in the country.

Well, our retreat just happens to be hosted in a town that is in the middle of cow country, Turlock. As a joke, those of us attending the retreat decided to take a field trip out to the country to find some cows and take our picture to post on SS to prove that there are cows in California. I've grown up in this area, and grew up on a dairy, so I had no problem finding cows for our photo op. We all loaded up in a couple of cars and headed out to the nearest dairy we could find just a couple of miles outside the city limits. We were all cracking up as we baled out of our vehicles and I set up my tripod to get the photo of us with a corral full of dairy cows in the background. The following photo was captured on our field trip. If you squint you can see the Holstein cows in the background.

In this photo: (Left to Right) Brenda in CA, ilenem, dmccown's sister, dmccown, dmccown's friend, oenothera, Kimberly in CA, itong, MandaPanda, Amanda in CA, daphne 209, CntryCathy

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Brynn said...

I totally remember you posting this, I too thought it was hilarious!

Kel said...

After almost a year, I'm still kicking that server that crashed and caused me to miss the field trip!!!!


Nadya 's World!!! said...

Oh my goodness Cathy this is too funny! I love the photo!!! I totally missed this... How in the world did I do that.. :) If you click on the photo it'll enlarge and you can see the cows and some one is holding their noise... LOL:) Too funny!!! Love it!!!!

Amanda said...

Bwahhaha!!! I totally remember this entire event. Will miss you gals this year, maybe I can make it down for an October retreat if someone will plan one *ahem* Great post!