Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dec. 4, 2008 - December Joy Challenge Day 2

Tonight I found joy in finishing up a craft project I've been working on for my ScrapShare Secret Santa. How appropriate for this challenge, it just happens to be a Christmas themed "J-O-Y" altered letter wall hanging.

I love crafting, but it is not something I allow myself to do very often. I always look around my house and see all the everyday tasks that I am behind in and I usually end up talking myself out of getting involved in a craft project because there are more important tasks that need my attention and I know that crafting can become time consuming.

This type of thinking is something I've recently tried to change. Now that I have my own scrap & craft room set up, I have been trying more often to just allow myself "me time" and the opportunity to go in that room a little each week and work on projects that are fun. I know that being creative is something important in my life that I need to do for myself and my sanity. I love that I am able to give myself my needed me time more often now without feeling like I'm making bigger messes in my house now that I have my scrap & craft room. I finally have all of my craft and scrap supplies neatly organized and available in one spot in the house. I've been dreaming of that for years.

It took having new carpet installed in my house in July and having to completely move out all furniture and belongings that were touching carpet out of our house to get me motivated to turn my spare bedroom (formally our disaster of a storage area) into my scrap & craft room.

Now I can easily find all of my craft supplies in one quick glance. I didn't actually work on my altered "Joy" project in my scrap & craft room tonight, because I had it out in my dining room from working on it last week while my niece was crafting with me, however it was so nice to be sitting there working on my project and whenever I needed an item I could just run into my scrap room and find it right away without having to dig through disorganized bags or piles of stuff. It was so nice after I was finished tonight to be able to grab my supplies and walk in to that room knowing that had an organized place to put away each one of the items.

I love that I can walk down my hall and look in that room now with pride in the way it looks and be proud to realize that it is also functional now, rather than being a useless waste of space it once was filled with disorganized possessions and yard sale junk.
I find so much joy in having my own little space in the house that is all mine where I can go be creative as I make things for both myself and for others.

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MidniteScrapper said...

You did a great job on that Cathy. Seriously. Love it. =]