Monday, November 03, 2008

Nov. 3, 2008 - Grattitude Post Challenge Day 2

I am thankful today that I woke up without a raging painful headache. Yesterday I spent my entire day in my pajamas and half of it it bed due to a horrible headache. At first I thought I was coming down with something, but now I think it was just hormone related.

Today I have a beauty appoint and a few errands to run, plus I promised my niece I would take her someplace special with me this afternoon, so I did not need a headache today. First thing this morning I did have a mild one, but I took something for it and it has now gone away.

I'm just thankful I can go about my day today and not feel miserable like I did yesterday.


Brynn said...

Yay, I'm so glad you didn't have a headache & were able to go about your day. Have fun with your niece!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Oh, yuck. I have had a terrible headache for the last two days. I literally can feel your pain. Glad you are rid of yours! So - what was your beauty appt. for? Hair, facial, massage? Sounds lovely whatever it may have been.