Friday, November 28, 2008

Nov. 27, 2008 - Gratitude Post Challenge Day 26

When I started out the day, being Thanksgiving and all, I had this grand idea in my head about what I was going to blog about today, but as I sit here tonight stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey and miserable because of it, I think I'm going to make this thankful blog short and sweet.

Today I'm thankful for the abundant blessing of family. Even when we sometimes get under each other skin, we still love each other. Even when our time together doesn't turn out just the way we plan for it to, we still love each other. Even when we see each other often, or not often enough, we still love each other.

Today, despite the fact that the perfect Thanksgiving day plans that I had in my head didn't quite turn out that way, and frustrations were high at times, I still enjoyed being with my family. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to spend my Thanksgiving holiday with the people I love the most, and that even in these days of financial stress and hardship for so many people, today we were abundantly blessed with a feast fit for a king and all his court.

We truly are blessed!

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Anonymous said...


At least your comments weren't cold, but your timing on this subject was done right on time. I always love reading your blogs, they are raw and always done when they should be. ;-)