Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov. 17, 2008 - Grattitude Post Challenge Day 16

Today I am thankful for those precious moments in my life when I suddenly realized that God is listening to me and He just reaches out and speaks directly to me.

Now, I'm not talking about Him verbally speaking to me as in, "Hey Cathy how are you today, so let's talk." LOL I'm talking about those little moments in life when something happens and you just cannot help but realize that you have just experienced a God moment. Sometimes those moments are in relationship to big events in life, and sometimes they happen in relationship to the most odd and seemingly most unimportant moments in life.

I am aware that God speaks to me every single day. I know that, but I don't always hear him. Sometimes I think I'm just not tuned in enough to realize that He's just spoken to me.

Today I had one of those God moments. One of those moments where it was so obvious that God had heard my plea and just spoken to me.

Now this wasn't exactly Earth shattering or life changing, but it was still so obvious that I couldn't help but smile.

Here is what happened:

For the past several years I've been making and selling Rum and Egg Nog bundt cakes during the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays to my husband's co-workers and anyone else who wants to purchase them. Last year I had a request from one customer to make mini bundt cakes. I have one small mini bundt style muffin pan, so last year I made her the mini bundts.

Well, this year word has spread about the mini bundts and I have a lot more customers interested in ordering mini bundts. With one pan it would take me forever to bake them all, so I've been looking for a additional mini bundt pans without luck. My mother-in-law found me a single mini bundt recently but it cost $3 per pan. Knowing I needed at least 6 or more, that was a little more than I was wanting to spend.

Today I happened to wonder in to the Dollar Tree in search of full sized cake takers for my cake orders. They have sold them there the past two years. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find them this year at the few Dollar Tree stores where I have looked for them. Since I was near another Dollar Tree today I thought I would check in just to see if they had them. They didn't, but as I was leaving the store I was thinking that I had enough time before my dinner date at my in-laws to do a little shopping. I decided that I would head to TJ Maxx to see if they sold the mini bundt pans. Not even 2 seconds after that thought entered my mind and I was walking down an aisle in Dollar Tree headed for the door I ran smack dab into a display of individual mini bundt pans on an end cap.

They were perfect! These pans were exactly what I had been looking for, and they had exactly 12 of them. A perfect dozen. To top it off at a dollar a piece they were just the right price.

By now some of you may be laughing at me and my story, but I am telling you I really feel like God heard my plea to find mini bundt pans and knew I didn't have a lot of money to spend on them, and that He was the reason I ended up in that Dollar Tree that I rarely visit and found those bundt pans. It was totally a God moment. I love it!

God is awesome!

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