Saturday, October 04, 2008

What I Get to Do Next Saturday and Prayers for My Mom

I posted this as a message on the scrapbook message board I frequent, but thought that it was worth a post here on my blog too for those who read my blog but don't frequent the scrapbook board.

I am so excited about what I get to do this upcoming Saturday.

My camera is going to get one heck of a workout Saturday. Extra memory cards are a must.

This next weekend, October 11-12 is Fleet Week in San Francisco.

My DH works for a law enforcement agency in the Bay Area. His department has a rescue cutter. Last year some of his co-workers got the chance to go out on the boat and watch the air show & Blue Angels during their Fleet Week performance over the San Francisco Bay.

DH put in a request to go out on the boat this year, and he just told me tonight that it is a go. Next Saturday DH and I get to go out on the boat in the middle of the bay and watch the Blue Angels and the rest of the Fleet Week air show. We will be right underneath all the action. I cannot wait! I'm so flippin' excited!

My mom and dad were planning on going with us, but decided to back out as my mom is facing breast lumpectomy surgery on the 15th to remove a possible breast cancer lump.

Saturday is her birthday and I was excited to give her such a cool gift. Although I am sad that she and my dad will not be joining Greg and I on the boat Saturday, I can respect and understand her decision to stay home and away from the cold air of the Bay and being around other people in an attempt to prevent any chance of getting sick before her surgery.

I just want my mom healthy and well and with me here on Earth for a long long time to come and if that means missing the Blue Angels and having her surgery ASAP, then it is totally worth it.

If you are the praying kind, a prayer for my mom, her health, and good thoughts for her as she faces surgery would be appreciated more than words could ever express.

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Midnite Scrapper said...

Cathy - hope you have a great time at Fleet Week. I am the 'praying kind' =] and I will definitely pray for your mom. Keep us posted!