Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Welcome to My Blog!

Why am I creating a blog you ask? I sit here and ask myself the same question as I type. I've never been much of a writer or good journal keeper, but I have heard so many people say how therapeutic journaling can be in helping them deal with issues. Like others, I'm sure, I have plenty of issues I could better deal with, so I say why not skip the old fashioned written journal and go high-tech. I'm much better at typing than I am a writer anyway. Not only that, I sometimes have things on my mind and stuff I'd like to say and I don't always have someone around to share my random thoughts with at every waking moment, so why not start a blog? After all, blogging is the new "in" thing, and I like to try my best to be "in" whenever possible.

I don't promise that I will write daily, or even weekly for that matter, but we will see. I suppose I will write whenever the mood strikes me. Who knows, I may decide that I like blogging so much that I do write daily. I guess only time will tell.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading about my random thoughts and my day to day life, and hopefully my thoughts and opinions won't offend any friends, family members, or even strangers for that matter. I'll do my best to be considerate to others when I write, as I would want them to be considerate of me.

Thanks for stopping by!


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