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Mini Soda Pumpkin Halloween Treats

I realize this post comes a day late, but maybe it will give you an idea to use for Halloween next year.  I would have loved to post this prior to Halloween, but I didn't get to working on these until just a day or two before the holiday.  Then preparing for our trick-or-treaters (we usually get 700-750 of them) took over my time and I didn't get the chance to post this project before the thirty-first.

We have a few kids who live on our block and my husband and I wanted to give them each an extra special treat this Halloween.  We were looking around Target one day trying to come up with an idea of what we wanted to hand out to these special kids and we came across mini soda cans.  We both thought they would be an unexpected sweet treat and each of the sodas we picked were caffeine free, so we figured even though we would be giving a sugary drink we would be adding to their Halloween candy buzz with the addition of a caffeine filled one.  Being the crafter that I am I began thinking of ways I could dress up these little cans.  That is where, Pinterest, my favorite site for creative inspiration came in to play.  I immediately came home and started searching Pinterest to see if I could find ideas for how to wrap these little babies.  Voilà, I found this cute idea for wrapping cans to look like goofy little pumpkins that was pinned from the blog Craft Goodies.

If you want to make mini wrapped soda cans for your own little ghosts and goblins here is what you will need:

  • Mini Soda Cans (8 oz. cans)
  • Orange Patterned Cardstock of your choice, cut to 8.75" x 2.5" for each soda can
  • Black Cardstock, for the eyes
  • White Cardstock, for the eyes
  • Green Cardstock, for the leaf
  • Brown or Tan Cardstock, for the stem
  • Cardstock of your choice, for the name tag
  • 1" Round Punch
  • 1 1/2" Round Punch
  • 1 1/2" Square Punch, or cut squares to 1 1/2" for the stem
  • Leaf Punch (I used Stampin' Up's Blossom Petals Xl Punch)
  • Craft Scissors
  • Black Pen
  • White Pen
  • Terrifically Tacky Tape or Scor-Tape
  • Permanent Adhesive (I prefer the Tombo Mono Adhesive permanent adhesive tape runner)
  • Round Scallop Punch or Oval Scallop Punch, for the name tag
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon

Cut your orange paper down to size to fit your soda can.  For the mini 8 oz. cans I used a paper cut to 8.75" long by 2.5" wide.  Apply Tacky Tape or Scor-Tape to the back side of the paper  on each end width-wise going from edge to edge.  Remove the backing from the adhesive on one end of your paper and attach it to the can carefully lining up the paper with the edges of the can (once that adhesive is stuck, it is STUCK), then wrap the paper around the can snugly, remove the paper backing covering the adhesive on the other end and adhere it to the can.  The paper will overlap a bit at the seam.  Next you will cut out a 1 1/2" square from your brown or tan cardstock and then using scissors trim away a bit of the paper on each side to make the shape for the stem.  Using your black pen outline the stem and then add a few lines to the stem to accent it to look like bark.  Use Tacky Tape or Scor-Tape to attach the stem to the can.  Now punch out a leaf using your leaf punch and then outline and accent it with black ink.  Attach the leaf to the can using your permanent adhesive.  Then punch out two black 1" circles and two white 1 1/2" circles for the eyes.  Using your white pen add a little accent mark to each of the black circles.  Using your black marker, make small "stitch" marks all the way around each white circle.  Using your permanent adhesive attach one black circle to each white circle.  There you have your eyes!  Attach your eyes to the can with a small bit of Tacky Tape or Scor-Tape.  Using your black pen draw the mouth of your choice onto the orange paper and add small accent marks or dots aroud the eyes to give your little pumpkin some character.  If you want to add a name tag to your can you can punch out a round scallop or an oval scallop shape and then punch a hole on one end with a hole punch.  Add the name of your choice.  Cut a piece of ribbon about 6" in length and then slip one end under the tab of the soda can.  Attach your name tag to the ribbon and tie off in a knot.  Trim the edges of your ribbon if it is a bit too long.  There you have it!

If you have some little ones who are still a bit too young for candy and soda you can also apply this idea to other treats more suitable for their age.  We have one little guy in our neighborhood who just turned 1 year old a few months ago, so I decided to give him a Gerber Graduates instead of soda.

The directions above for the mini cans also pretty much apply to the Gerber Graduates containers, but because the Gerber Graduates are a bit soft and squishy I found it easier to make the orange paper just a tad wider than the container and wrap the paper around it vertically rather than horizontally.  I believe my paper was 12" in length by about 5" wide.  Attach the paper to the container using Tacky Tape or Scor-Tape and decorate according to the directions above.

Now next year you can enjoy giving your favorite trick-or-treater an extra special Halloween treat.

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Heather North said...

This is such a cute idea! I'm going to try and think of a way to make these for Christmas. Santa, Tree, Angel, Reindeer??? Thanks for sharing.