Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Dear Husband Greg


Here is to 7 wonderful married years together! Like any couple we've had our ups and downs, are good times and bad, and our sicknesses and our health. I cannot imagine going through any of it with anyone other than you.

Thank you for aways being the rock I can lean on, the person I always know I can turn to, the one who keeps me grounded, and the one who gives me a good swift kick in the butt when I really need it.

You are not just my husband, you are the love of my life and my very best friend. I love you always and forever!


Anonymous said...

I love you too. You put up one of my favorite wedding pics! I am so looking forward to our trip this week.

Midnite Scrapper said...

Congratulations Cathy! What??? You didn't take the fancy gift bag with you? Now, whatever will you wear? =]

Brynn said...

I realize I'm a day late (& a dollar short if you're really counting) but just wanted to say... CONGRATS & here's to many more years together!!!

The Stopper Family said...

Happy Anniversary.

Your wedding flowers are absolutely beautiful. I love them!

Amanda said...

What a wonderful post Cathy! May the two of you enjoy many more years of happiness together <3

P.S. - You've been tagged.