Saturday, September 20, 2008

How I Spent My Friday and How I Will Spend My Saturday

Let me start by saying that I love digital photography, but since I have gone digital I have a big problem. I take a ton more photos than I ever did as a film photographer, and I am terrible about having my photos printed as soon as I take them.

That being said, I have a lot of catching up to do in order to get current on having my photos printed, and even more catching up to get even slightly close to current in my scrapbooks.

I've been in the process of converting a spare bedroom in our house into a scrap room so that I can sit down and scrap on a regular basis, instead of at the occasional once or twice a year scrap retreat as I do now. With the exception of getting my tools organized, the room is pretty much set up and ready for me to sit down and scrap. I'm excited to finally have a place in the house where I can leave my scrapping projects out and work on them more often. I'm eager to get in there and get scrapping so that someday I can hopefully be all caught up on my albums and then stay current. Now all I have to do is get my gazillion digital photos printed and convince myself that I do not need to print out every single one.

For the past several holidays and birthdays I have asked for Walgreen's gift cards to help me with the expense of getting my photos printed. I've been hanging on to them and trying to only use them when there is a print sale. Well, this week Walgreen's announced a 50% off print sale. Woo hoo!!

Unfortunately, this week I didn't find the time, as I had hoped to, until today to sit down and edit photos and upload them to Walgreen's. I spent nearly the entire day at my computer editing and uploading photos from 2005. I'm embarrassed to say I am that far behind in my printing. I got about half of them done today, and I hope to get the remainder of 2005 uploaded tomorrow and ordered before the print sale ends.

With focus and hopefully very little interruption tomorrow I should be able to get them all done and sent to print. Then it will be on to 2006, 2007 and finally 2008.

Someday I will be current. I am determined. It's a lofty goal, but I know I can do it. Hopefully Walgreen's will find the need to have a 50% sale a lot more often to help me out. LOL


shirley319 said...

I totally understand about the digital picture "abyss" as it seems. Keep on plugging away and it will get done!

agent713 said...

Cathy, I suggest uploading photos when you have time. Not when the sale is on. That way, when the sale hits, you can just place the order. It's way faster and less stressful.

Great job on getting 2005 done though.