Monday, July 14, 2008

It's a miracle!

For weeks now DH and I have been trying to get through to the State of California Franchise Tax Board to straighten out an unresolved issue. For weeks we have been disconnected by the automated phone system before actually being able to talk to a live person to get this issue resolved.

They sent a "nasty-gram" letter reminding us that the issue was not yet resolved. So today DH and I again got on the phone to try and connect with a real person to take care of this issue. Again, we got disconnected by the automated system several times.

Finally this afternoon I called the Tax Payer Advocacy line I was able to reach a very kind and helpful real live person and get the issue resolved.

It's a miracle! I was beginning to think that real live people did not work at the State of California Franchise Tax Board and that it was run by rude inefficient computers.

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Brynn said...

I HATE the automated things! I'm so glad you finally got it straightened out, you need some good coming your way!